• Installation of Rust with the stable toolchain
  • SQLite 3.x

Development tooling

The installation of various development tools is automated by a just recipe named setup:

cargo install just
just setup

Check the configuration in .justfile if any of the recipe's steps should fail. Running the recipe repeatedly is also possible.

The setup includes the installation of a Git pre-commit hook in .git/hooks/.

Platforms and environments


On NixOS you can run nix-shell within the root of the repository to pull all required dependencies.


If setting up MacOS in order to build, be sure to install a C compiler via $ xcode-select --install. Otherwise cargo install will not behave as expected.


Install required packages:

sudo apt-get install curl libssl-dev gcc sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev

Periodic tasks

Both the development toolchain, tools and the Rust dependencies should be upgraded periodically by running the following just recipe:

just upgrade

Review the changes in the configuration files and commit them selectively as desired.